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Local Plan 'Challenges' Consultation 

Deadline Wednesday 2 September 2020 

North Somerset full document

 CALRAG response due very soon


Dinghurst Road - 48 houses application

Still no decision 7 August 2020



Infrastructure funding for M5-A38 Strategic Development Locations (SDLs) granted by government. 

  1. This funding includes the Banwell bypass and is dependent upon building 5000 new houses in the so-called 'Garden villages' of Churchill/Mendip Spring and Banwell.

  2. Neither of these locations have been approved by any planning inspector. They  were not even included in the Local Plan 2026.

  3. This decision makes a complete mockery of the Independent Inspectorate and the Planning system.

  4. The remote SDLs or so-called 'Garden Villages' of Churchill/Mendip Spring and Banwell were part of North Somerset’s contribution to the West of England Joint Spatial Plan (JSP) which was examined and rejected by Independent Inspectors in July this year.

  5. The Inspectors' letter to North Somerset Council and the other 3 Local Authorities following the Public Examination, strongly pointed to the remote Strategic Development Locations as being completely inappropriate.   

  6. The location of Churchill/Mendip Spring remains unsustainable, unviable and completely contrary to North Somerset’s Climate Change Emergency commitment to be carbon neutral by 2030 and to put Climate Change at the heart of every decision they make. 

  7. There is overwhelming opposition to further development here.  Churchill already has 300 new houses either recently built or in the pipeline - a 35% increase.

  8.  Lib Dems pledge on election: "We will oppose schemes that fail to protect existing communities from unnecessary, poorly serviced or unpopular development"

  9. CALRAG's offer to work with and assist through sharing its information with councillors, remains open.


CALRAG will continue to closely monitor the situation.

CALRAG is committed to good development which is

development in the right place 

Inspectors' final letter recommends that the 4 Councils withdraw the JSP.  

CALRAG attended all 8 days of the Public Examination in Bath.  Click here to go to our dedicated page.

Bristol Airport expansion Students' plea

Click for full report of Students' impassioned plea over environmental impact




almost the size of WELLS

STOP  New dormitory town - it simply doesn't make sense to build 16 miles from employment which is in Bristol.  

2800 homes, Dual Carriageway and major road around Windmill Hill in Churchill and Langford.  

Click here for a proposed sustainable alternative that is already in the pipeline, to the 2,800 houses here in Churchill plus the 1,900 houses in Banwell .

 The North Somerset Councillors, Housing Minister and MPs must hear your views.  Click here for contact details.

Good development is development in the right place

 Churchill And Langford Residents Action Group (CALRAG) - West of England Joint Spatial Plan (JSP)