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Latest news (05 October 2020)

Churchill and Langford A38 floods from pluvial flooding from the Mendip Hills due to development on green fields. 





Video taken 3.41pm Sunday 04 October 1/2 mile from Churchill traffic lights. 

Flooding extending a long way down the Langford bypass as well.

Stockmead needed the Fire Brigade to prevent homes from flooding. 

All due to pluvial flooding from the Mendip Hills AONB

Dinghurst Road - 48 more houses adjacent to AONB.









Photo taken 21 September 2020

More action needed  

Save our village character and

Mendip Hills AONB

Comment deadline Wed 30 September

  • Modifications for this development have been submitted - 50+ documents. 

  • North Somerset Council (NSC) is asking for comments by above deadline.   

  • Click here for CALRAG summary. 

  • Click here to make your informed response.  

  • Urge NSC planners to look at the video above of the flooding.  Any more houses, particularly on the above site, will create even worse problems.

John Penrose MP's campaign (updated 21 Sept 2020)

MP wants to protect villages of Churchill, Langford, Sandford, Congresbury, Blagdon and views from Mendip Hills AONB

 It is quick and easy (just a few clicks)

Click HERE to support this vital initiative


CALRAG is committed to good development which is

development in the right place 

Appeal from STOP Bristol Airport Expansion (SBAEx)

SBAEx has launched a Crowdfunding Appeal to fund their experienced legal team to oppose Bristol Airport's expansion at the PUBLIC INQUIRY

Bristol Airport has lodged an appeal against North Somerset Council’s refusal to grant its planning application to expand.  Click here to donate


Click for full report of Students' impassioned plea over environmental impact




almost the size of WELLS

STOP  New dormitory town - it simply doesn't make sense to build 16 miles from employment which is in Bristol.  

2800 homes, Dual Carriageway and major road around Windmill Hill in Churchill and Langford.  

Click here for a proposed sustainable alternative that is already in the pipeline, to the 2,800 houses here in Churchill plus the 1,900 houses in Banwell .

 The North Somerset Councillors, Housing Minister and MPs must hear your views.  Click here for contact details.

Good development is development in the right place