36 MORE houses


Access onto already congested Hilliers Lane


Deadline for comments 14 July

(See below for image of site layout.)


Churchill Parish (Churchill and Langford villages) is classified as a Service Village. 

North Somerset's Policy allows for only "small development" in Service villages. 

This application along with the others that are in the pipeline or already newly built will constitute a

staggering 93% increase* in the size of Churchill & Langford villages

each of which has their own village character that form Churchill Parish.

Churchill Parish Council's response


*300+ newly built - Pudding Pie and A38 developments + infill

   62 - Front St/Church Lane – subject to appeal

   25 - Dinghurst – granted

   12 - Blagdon Water garden – granted

   83 - Bath Road – in the pipeline

 104 - Mushroom Farm – in the pipeline

   36 - Hilliers Lane – current application 

 622 Total  NONE are included in any Local Plan, SAP (Site Allocation Plan)

                     draft or otherwise. 


 196 more in Local Plan 2024 -2038 - Pudding Pie Lane/Jubilee Lane 

 818 Total  = 93% increase in a Service Village where there will be only 'Small development"


These developments are totally unacceptable for a village that lacks the infrastructure to support it.  


Make your views known NOW (Deadline Tuesday 14 July) - it will take just two minutes - here's how.Click


  1. Click HERE to the Comments Page on the North Somerset Planning website

  2. Fill in the relevant boxes - (1minute).

  3. Use any or all of the points below to help.  Your own words are best, but copy and paste if limited time.

  4. Click  'Submit'  - Job done and you will have helped to save our village.

Reasons for objection 

  • Over development of Churchill and Langford without any infrastructure to support it.

  • Not Plan Led 

  • Outside settlement boundary

  • Partially inside the Conservation Area. The proposal would detract from the conservation area.

  • Larger than the 'up to 25 houses' adjacent to the settlement boundary under the existing North Somerset Local Plan.

  • Within 100m of the AONB and its footpath network, such a development would detract the views to and from the Mendip Hills AONB.

  • No local employment.

  • Contrary to North Somerset Council's  Climate Change and Nature Emergency

  • Every house will need cars leading to even more congestion.​

  • Banwell Bypass will increase traffic on A368 which already queues back from Churchill traffic lights to Hilliers Lane at peak times.  

  • Remote from public transport and almost all the important infrastructure services.

    • 4.8 miles from nearest railway station - Yatton

    • Unreliable and inadequate local bus services.  

  • Inadequate local access roads.  They are narrow and used as rat-runs.

  • Local roads-network largely without pavement - no segregated footway network for the very numerous pedestrians (school-related movements are several hundred per day).

  • Unsafe footpaths for primary school children.

  • Lack of infrastructure - both Primary and Churchill Academy are full.  The sports centre which is claimed by the applicant as an amenity has been closed since March 2020. 

  • Difficulty in getting a GP appointment now.  

  • Vehicular entry point is situated on Hilliers Lane.  This is chaotic at school drop off and collection times.  The lane is used as a waiting area for both coaches and parents as well as students parking.  The lane cannot take any further pressure, which would be created as a result of this proposal being granted. 

  • Ecology:

    • ​Destroys bat foraging routes (incl. internationally protected Greater Horseshoes);

    • Excessive illumination is inevitable.

    • Loss of species rich,  Ancient Hedgerow to create access and visibility Splay

These are just a few - the list goes on.

Good Development is development in the right place

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