62 MORE houses below Windmill Hill, Churchill
access onto Church Lane and Front Street 

Planning application 21/P/2049/OUT
A proposed 62-house estate below Windmill Hill, Churchill (where they currently keep horses) adjacent to and including the Churchill Conservation Area.  
Enough is Enough 
Update April 2022
Gone to appeal on the grounds of non-determination

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Photo by Ben Murphy

This characterful, tranquil area in the Churchill Conservation Area .......will turn into THIS

Churchill Parish (Churchill and Langford villages) is classified as a Service Village.

It has already taken more than its fair share of new housing development.  330 houses either built or in the pipeline - 38.8% increase in the size of our village.  

This development alone will bring the percentage increase up to 46%.  The development at Dinghurst would bring this up to 48.9%.  Almost doubling the size.

Both developments are totally unacceptable for a village that lacks the infrastructure to support it.  

New houses are being advertised in Manchester and London suggesting that local need has been satiated.  New housing estates should  be built close to existing infrastructure and within 5-10 mins walk of a railway station.

Reasons why this is a totally inappropriate development:    

  • Outside settlement boundary

  • Inside the Conservation Area - more than half of the houses.

  • Larger than the permitted maximum of 25 houses under the existing North Somerset Local Plan.

  • The development lies adjacent to Grade 1 listed church, two Grade 2 listed buildings and an 'unregistered Historic Park or Garden'

  • Both North Somerset's and Churchill Parish Council's Landscape Sensitivity Assessments rate the area as 'High Sensitivity'

  • Destroys the setting of Historic Churchill Village.

  • Lies very visibly at the foot of Windmill Hill and its footpath network.

  • Damages views from within nearby Mendip hillsides and slopes of AONB.

  • Destroys the tranquility of Windmill Hill which is much used by walkers

  • No local employment 

  • Contrary to North Somerset Council's  Climate Change and Nature Emergency

  • Every house will need cars.​

  • Remote from public transport and almost all the important infrastructure services.

    • 4.5 miles from nearest railway station - Yatton

    • Unreliable and inadequate local bus services.  

  • Inadequate access roads.  They are narrow and used as rat-runs.  Recent accident (August 2021) on approach road necessitated Air Ambulance.

  • Lack of infrastructure - both Primary and Churchill Academy are full.  The sports centre which is claimed by the applicant as an amenity is closed. 

  • Vehicular entry points to site are adjacent to congested points where multiple complex turning movements already take place.

  • Access lanes generally obstructed by parked cars from Churchill Academy. 

  • Adjacent secondary school creates its own substantial traffic.

  • Local roads-network largely without pavement - no segregated footway network for the very numerous pedestrians (school-related movements are several hundred per day).

  • ​​Archaeology:There are reasons to suppose the site contains important archaeological evidence including a possible pre-plague village (supported by geophysical evidence).

  • Ecology:

    • ​Destroys bat foraging routes (incl. internationally protected Greater Horseshoes);

    • Proposed mitigation corridors within the site are entirely inadequate.

    • Excessive illumination is inevitable.

    • Great Crested Newt (DNA and observational evidence) – containing pond is <100m S from proposed boundary.

    • Substantial reptile population somehow also missed from survey.

    • Substantial mammal activity present from several species; many invertebrate species present.

  • Over development of Churchill and Langford without any infrastructure to support it.

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