Banwell Bypass consultation

 CALRAG concerns following the Drop-In:

  • CALRAG recognises the need for relief of traffic flow problem in Banwell, but not at what appears to be the much greater expense to those living in the neighbouring villages.

  • The project is funded by the Housing Infrastructure fund (HIF) to enable up to 3000 houses to be built around Banwell. It is not being built to relieve current congestion.

  • The houses in Banwell are not on any approved/examined plan.

  • The impact on the surrounding villages has not been adequately thought through.  The impression gained from the drop-in's is that the money has been given to build a road and what happens further on to the surrounding villages and environment doesn't matter.

  • Building any new road is contrary to NSC's excellent Climate Change and Nature Emergency commitment, the UK government's hosting of the COP26 conference on Climate Change and its commitment to zero carbon emissions.  

  • By releasing the current bottleneck, the Banwell Bypass team acknowledge that there could be a greater than 50% increase in traffic coming off the bypass towards Sandford, Churchill and Langford.  This does NOT take into consideration traffic generated from the 3000 new houses.

  • Banwell was classified as a Remote Strategic Development Location (SDL) about which the inspectors at the Public Examination of the West of England Joint Spatial Plan had serious concerns and was one of the reasons why it was rejected.  Is history going to repeat itself?

  • Little consideration is being given to the impact of the bypass on the neighbouring villages of Sandford, Churchill and Langford and the rat-runs through inappropriate rural lanes that will become the norm in order to avoid delays at Churchill traffic lights.

  • NSC is committed to cover ALL overspend.  The estimates of cost of the bypass do not include the cost of purchase of the land.

  • Insufficient traffic modelling (if any) was carried out to inform NSC councillors before they agreed to this.

  • Strong mitigation measures are needed for the surrounding villages.  Churchill Parish Council's Banwell Bypass working group is working with the BB team on this.  

  • The adverse environmental impact will be huge particularly the Southern Link Road as there is a Groundwater Protection Zone.  

CALRAG is extremely concerned about the lack of modelling information available.   

Consultation Deadline

16 August 2021

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