Banwell Bypass Consultation

Deadline was 22 April 2022 

It is vital that everyone make their views known


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CALRAG's suggested points: 

Q 1d. Individual.

Q 2. Your post code + Comment on Banwell Bypass & Southern Link road + Churchill and/or your area.

Q 3a.  CALRAG's View: *Banwell Bypass may relieve congestion in Banwell however, opening up the bottle neck of Banwell will then encourage more motorway traffic through our village. 
* It also means 2,800 more houses = minimum of 5,000 more cars on local roads.  
Insufficient evidence of how to reduce the negative impacts on neighbouring villages of Churchill & Langford, Sandford & Winscombe.


Q 3b.  CALRAG's View: Yes. 

Q 3c.  CALRAG's View: Negative impacts likely to be:
* Traffic congestion is being passed on to the neighbouring villages. 
* Traffic will increase along the A368 and to minor roads creating more rat-runs.
* Roads in the Parish will become more hazardous for pedestrians and cyclists.  Poor road safety will discourage active travel.

* Noise and air and light pollution will increase.

* Loss of Green Space and the AONB will be negatively impacted.

Q 3d CALRAG's View: Suggested ways to counteract the negative impacts eg:

* Retain green fields by not building new roads.  Instead reduce congestion in Banwell by Smart traffic management eg Smart traffic lights and parking restrictions. 

* Enforced speed reduction of traffic flowing into and through our villages.

* Greater priority given on road space to pedestrians and cyclists.

* Reduced pollution through enforced speed reduction.


Q 3e.  CALRAG's View: What is missing from the plans?  
* Impact studies on health, environmental quality and equality for residents of neighbouring villages

* Enforcement of speed reductions, area wide speed reduction within neighbouring villages

* Details of the impact that traffic generated by the 2,800 houses will have on surrounding roads.

* Details of N.Somerset Council's commitment to cover all project overspend.

* Details of the proposed 2,800 upon which the Banwell Bypass is dependent.

* Improvements to the A368 towards Sandford and Churchill to improve pedestrian and cyclist safety.

*  Effective measures to reduce HGV through traffic from M5 to M4 and southwards (eg. Permit/access scheme).

Q : 5a CHURCHILL.  What do you think of the draft improvements and measures proposed for Churchill?  CALRAG's View:

*  It is essential that the speed reduction from 30mph to 20mph through Churchill Village on A368 to Hilliers Lane, Front Street and Church Lane and is ENFORCED.  Churchill Green/Sandmead Road should be included in the 20mph limit.

*  We agree with the speed reduction to 30mph on the current 40mph reduction between Sandford and Churchill.

*  Insufficient attention given to pedestrian safety along A368 routes to school.

Q 5b CALRAG's View: Do you think the plans [draft improvements and measures] for Churchill will have any negative impacts on YOU? 

* No

Q 5c What impacts? CALRAG's View: State what might be using the above comments where applicable to you.

Q 5d CALRAG's View: Suggest ways to improve the plans using 5a suggestions.

Q 5e  CALRAG's View: Anything, not already mentioned, missing from the plans for Churchill?

*  There should be an enforced speed limit reduction to 20mph on the A368 through Churchill Village on entering the Parish at Pye Corner.

* Pedestrian crossing at A368 at Hilliers Lane

* Improved road safety at bus stops and crossing point at Hilliers Lane/A368 junction for pedestrians.

* 20mph speed limits should be enforced using technology.

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Banwell Bypass background:

CALRAG recognises the need for relief of traffic flow issues in Banwell but not at what appears to be:

  • a massive increase in traffic in the surrounding villages where narrow lanes are already congested.

  • shift of Banwell's problem to Churchill traffic lights, via Sandford village and Winscombe.

  • the lack of sufficient, appropriate safety for children travelling to Churchill Academy

  • the creation and exacerbation of rat-runs through our lanes and in neighbouring villages where there no pavements.

  • the diminution of active travel (walking and cycling) for local residents due to volume and speed of current traffic making it too dangerous.

  • The lack of local public transport.

  • The scandal of the Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) claims throughout the country - read paper ecologist, by Sophus Zu Ermgassen in response to BNG consultation 


Important information:

NSC committed to cover ALL overspend.

  • The funding (agreed in 2019) comes from the Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF) with the commitment to build 2,800 car-dependent houses (Wolvershill) (+ 101 extra houses in Banwell on Draft North Somerset Local Plan) generating a minimum of 5-6,000 extra vehicles.  A total of 7,557 new homes are linked to this grant of which 4,482 are planned in Haywood village and Locking Parklands.

  • From where is the extra money going to come?  With the Ukraine crisis pushing up all energy and materials costs worldwide, how can NSC meet the inevitable overspend currently and conservatively estimated at £20million

    • Responses to this question given by two different officers at the Banwell Bypass Drop-in in Churchill:

      • Response A
        Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL - the money that developers have to give to NSC for infrastructure projects).  Q.  How can this be, because the money will be needed in 2024 when the bypass is due to open.  The CIL money generated by 2,800 houses in Wolvershill will not be in the NSC coffers until they are built during the plan period 2038.  It would be impossible to build 2,800 houses in two years!  

        This also means other essential infrastructure projects and amenities for residents as far away as Portishead cannot be possible.  

      • Response B. No it won't come out of CIL money it will come out of North Somerset Council money. Council tax?  Ask your councillor to question in detail just how this will be funded.

  • Churchill Parish Council and CALRAG Banwell Bypass Working Group has consistently engaged with BB Team.  Although some of our requests for mitigation have been included in this non-statutory consultation, CALRAG feels that the impact on the surrounding villages has still not been adequately thought through. Suitable impact assessments, traffic flow modelling and up-to-date financial projections have not been released. 

  • So far, there is no guarantee that the mitigation measures included in this latest consultation document will be implemented or adequate funding allocated particularly in the light of increased costs worldwide. 

  • The Southern Link road requires large excavation of the Mendip Hills AONB.  This is contrary to both the existing North Somerset Local Plan and the Draft Local Plan 2024-2038

  • The Lesser and Greater Horseshoe bats of Banwell Hill will be affected.

  • Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) claim:  Read the incredible written evidence given to the BNG consultation Sophus zu Ermgassen (ecological economist based at the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology at the University of Kent) in which he tells us, "The government has not yet proposed credible mechanisms for monitoring progress towards delivering on these promises ‘on-site’, and guidance to local authorities even actively advises them against enforcing these biodiversity promises".

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