Banwell Bypass consultation

Will it solve a problem or create an even BIGGER one? 

Which route should it take?

Your chance to find out :

N.S.Council 'Drop-in' event

Thursday 22 July 12.30pm - 7.30pm

Churchill Memorial Hall 

Ladymead Lane, Churchill BS25 5NH

Deadline for comments 14 August 2021


Everyone recognises that Banwell has a problem.  Key to this proposal is the price tag -  construction of 1,900 houses (Joint Spacial Plan figures) around Banwell.  The proposed bypass is funded by the Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF) to enable these houses to be built.  The consultation notes that there will be a 54.5% increase in traffic through Sandford, Churchill and beyond without the extra 1,900 new homes.   


The release of the Banwell bottleneck will inevitably cause an exponential increase in traffic (including HGVs which currently avoid Banwell) that will pass along the A368 past Sandford Primary school to the    2 pinch points in Churchill where two HGVs cannot pass each other. 


How can this problem be solved for the benefit of Banwell and its surrounding villages?

What mitigation measures can be put in place to ensure that the problem isn't merely magnified and passed on to the surrounding villages?


What will be the effect on:

  • The environment including the bats at Ochre Caves?

  • NS's Climate Change emergency initiative?

  • Congestion that already exists at Churchill traffic lights?

  • Residents and businesses in Sandford and Winscombe?

  • Sandford Primary school children?

  • Congestion at the junction of the B3133 and the A370 at Congresbury?

  • Have the costs of mitigation measures been included in the estimated costs? If so, what are they?

  • What happens if the Bypass cannot be delivered on time/budget.  NS Council are committed to cover all overspend.  


Will a villages-wide 20mph speed limit help?  We are pretty sure that it will and recommend supporting it as it has proved to be effective in other parts of the UK.  What do you think?  Would you support a pilot scheme?

This is your chance to find out what it will mean for YOU.

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