Bristol Airport Expansion latest

Planning application turned down by North Somerset Council twice

Bristol Airport launches appeal 06 August 2020 

Click here to go direct to planning application 18/P/5118/OUT  

This will mean

  • Flights will increase - predicted to be a flight almost every three minutes and more in the summer months.  

  • Approx 2,700 additional parking spaces in the Silver Zone - on green belt land just under 2km from the Special Area of Conservation (SAC).

  • The SAC is home to protected wildlife - horseshoe bats. 

  • Parking revenues. Bristol Airport relies heavily on revenue from parking upon which it has a near monopoly. Hence no interest in public transport.  

  • Public Transport - No new Public Transport is included in this application. London Heathrow airport is planning for 50% of passengers to use public transport to get to/from the airport by 2030.  Bristol Airport is planning just 15% - 2045 an increase of just 2.5%!  

  • Increase in CO2 emissions.

  • Light pollution. 



Our neighbouring villages around us will be particularly badly affected.  We want to support them.  They have been hugely supportive of our fight to save the countryside here for our children and grandchildren.   

North Somerset Council maintain that they need the M5-A38 ' Economic Corridor' (as they now refer to our area) for cars to be able to access Bristol Airport.  However, Bristol Airport's priority is better transport links with Bristol which makes far more sense.   


Together, we CAN make a difference