Wrington Conservation area

71 more houses. 

Butts Batch Wrington leading to Blackmoor Conservation Area 



DEADLINE 29 August 2021

Strongvox has revised their application from 71 houses to 61 on good quality green fields which will further destroy our villages and the culture of village life.  CALRAG has submitted an updated response to these new documents.  Our reasons for objecting remain unaltered.  


We hope that the new draft Local Plan will recognise the danger of this endless stream of such proposals.  Until that time, we must continue to make views known to North Somerset Council and your MPs (Dr. Liam Fox for Wrington and John Penrose for Churchill and Langford).  The new N.Somerset councillors ARE listening.

Please take just 5 minutes of your time to express your views:

Original Proposal: 71 houses - Butts Batch  (see picture/map below) connecting along the narrow, Half Yard lane leading into Blackmoor, and the Lower Langford Conservation Area.  

Reasons for objection (brief summary)

  • Outside the Wrington Village Settlement Boundary: Wrington residents have reason to believe that this is just the first phase and the adjacent land will also be developed.

  • Against NS Council's Climate Change Emergency Commitment.

  • Increase in traffic will have a huge impact not only upon our neighbours in Wrington but also those in Langford and Churchill.

  • Public transport minimal.  71 additional houses will not make a more frequent bus service viable.  4.7 miles from nearest train station.

  • Unsuitable lanes: The lanes connecting this proposed development to the A38/A370/Langford are totally unsuitable for additional traffic.

  • Employment - minimal, if any.  The recent increase in new houses (either built or under construction) in both Wrington and Churchill, will take any existing local employment opportunities.

  • Flood risk:  Wrington is notorious for flooding.   

  • N. Somerset Landscape Sensitivity Assessment assessed this land as 'High', meaning that is it clearly visible and any development would be very detrimental to the surrounding landscape and the Grade 1 listed church in Wrington and the Conservation Area in Langford.

  • North Somerset’s Landscape Strategy for this area is "To conserve the peaceful, rural nature of the landscape with intact pasture and field boundaries…" Relevant landscape guidelines set out requirements to ‘Conserve the rural pastoral character of the area’. 

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  • JOB DONE   Thank you for taking the time to support our villages.
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