Churchill Village to become a dormitory town of 3,936 houses

2,800 new houses, additional population of almost 7000, have been planned to be built in a new development at Churchill, changing Churchill from a rural village into a town at the foot of the Mendip Hills AONB.

Most people accept that small amounts of appropriate house building within and around our villages is needed, it is the immense scale of the proposed plans that will destroy our village life.  Churchill is a Service Village and as such should have limited development.  Already our fair share of development is taking place with set quotas of Affordable Housing in the pipeline.  Eight Affordable Homes are now nearly ready for occupation in Pudding Pie Lane.


We have all chosen to live in the countryside, we enjoy the beautiful environment and tranquility which is accessible to all.  The huge number of new houses planned for development in Churchill on agricultural land beside the Mendip Hills AONB will change our rural village into a town almost the size of Wells, considerably larger than Yatton, half the size of Clevedon.

The ecological damage will be irreversible.

  • 850 current houses in the Parish of Churchill and Langford

  • 2235 current population of Churchill and Langford  

  • 219 new houses already approved to be built in Churchill. A further 66 are in the pipeline.  Of these 30% will be affordable BUT local people are not given priority.  

  • 2,800 houses proposed in JSP for Churchill and Langford.  

  • 3,936 total number of houses in Churchill and Langford  if the JSP approved. - This is a Town, not a Garden Village as incorrectly described by North Somerset Council.

  • High Density housing including 3 and 4 storey buildings near the base of Windmill Hill.

  • Affordable housing:  The West of England Authorities' own evidence demonstrates that Churchill/Mendip Spring New Town cannot provide affordable housing due to abnormal development costs.  

  • 5000+ commuters each way daily into Bristol - local roads will be heavily congested.

  • Employment:  Very limited skilled/unskilled local jobs.

  • Ecology: Irreversible damage to Mendip Hills AONB and Windmill Hill.

  • Cricket and football pitches will disappear. 

  • 1,900 new houses proposed for Banwell in JSP. 

Good development is development in the right place:  There is a sustainable alternative.  Click here for Suggested solutions