Dinghurst Road Development

New Planning application 21/P/2123/OUT

The proposal is for a 25-house estate in Churchill just below

'The Crown' and adjacent to Mendip Hills AONB

Make your views known AGAIN.

Reduced in number from previous application but not in impact.

Deadline: Friday 10th September

CALRAG summary:

  • North Somerset Council robustly turned down the previous application on this site for 48 houses.  This is the first reason in their letter dated 03 December 2020.  CALRAG believes this objection still stands.

    • ​"The proposed development, by reason of its location in close proximity to the Mendip Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), would impact on views towards the AONB from Windmill Hill, have an urbanising effect on Skinners Lane which would be visible in views out of the AONB from The Batch into Skinners Lane and have an urbanising effect on Dinghurst Lane. Light pollution created by the proposal would impact on the dark skies of the AONB. This would cause unacceptable harm to the setting of the AONB. The proposed development is therefore contrary to Policies CS5 and CS9 of the Core Strategy, the Mendip Hills AONB Management Plan 2019-2024, the North Somerset Landscape Character Assessment SPD, and paragraphs 170 and 172 of the National Planning Policy Framework."  View full Letter

  • Highways and access

    • The management of site-access, from A368 Dinghurst Road, remains entirely unacceptable particularly due to the increased traffic flow as a consequence of the Banwell Bypass

      • There remains no right turning third lane to enable eastbound traffic safely to enter the site.

      • Pedestrian access remains totally unsuitable.

      • The various North Somerset Highways proposals have all been completely ignored.

  • Storm Drainage:  

    • The proposals remain totally inadequate.

      • The subsoil conditions and depths on this site are remarkably variable – very different half-drain times observed at different locations on site.

  • Ecology and natural environment 

    • This proposal poses profound ecological problems.

      • Serious loss of local biodiversity for bats and many other species.

  • Landscape:  
    • Profound adverse effect on the local landscape at this important gateway to the immediately adjacent Mendip Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

    • This proposal for residential development is incompatible with the provisions for AONBs within the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000. (CROW 2000)

    • The more assertions offered by the applicants, concerning the inconspicuousness of the site within the landscape, simply fail to be supported by fact.

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Summary September 2021
Churchill is classified as a Service Village. It has already taken more than its fair share of new housing development.  330 houses either built or in the pipeline - 38.8% increase in the size of our village.  
This development will further increase the size of our village and put considerable strain on existing infrastructure.
Owner: Peter Everett​.  Promoter: Coln Residential 
CALRAG believes that development must planned, sustainable and in line with Government advisor, Prof. Paul Cheshire sited, "within 10 minutes walk from a train station in Green Belt" for efficient access to employment and leisure.
  • Many local people will know this particular field because iit used to belong to Gilly Rowlands.  She loved her horses which happily grazed there.  Since she passed on, it has been well maintained and grazed as part of this rural village.  Gilly would be horrified.   It is understood locally that there was a covenant on the land for agricultural use only.

  • The site lies outside of the Churchill settlement boundary and adjacent to the Mendip Hills AONB. 

  • The site is not on North Somerset's Site Allocations Plan and is not compliant with policy CS32 of the Core Strategy.

  • It will have an unacceptable and  harmful impact on the rural character and landscape setting of the surrounding area and views into and out of the Mendip Hills AONB.

  • NSC Landscape Character Sensitivity Assessment 2018 p107 shows that this area is rated as ‘High Sensitivity’. This highest classification of sensitivity cannot be ignored.

  • The Landscape and Character impact has the potential to urbanise this rural area.

  • The presence of Greater Horseshoe Bats on each of 3 site surveys indicates this development is unlawful under International Law and, were this development to be permitted, then NSC would be in breach of Natura 2000 regulations regarding an endangered species. The precautionary principle must apply here and so this overrides all possible local or national assessments.

  • The proposed development will have a severely  detrimental impact on the rural ambience, and harm to views into and out of the AONB.  Therefore it contravenes the Countryside and Rights of Way Act (CROW 2000) 

  • Access will be onto the A368 near Churchill traffic lights which, with the Banwell bypass, will have severe traffic implications for the highways network and the junction capacity.

  • The only pavement is on the opposite side of the busy A368.  It is extremely narrow.  Already children have to hop onto the A368 to pass other pedestrians and one was recently hit by a wing-mirror.  

  • There is very little employment here to justify yet another housing development.

  • Access to viable public transport to Bristol for commuters.  Yatton rail station is 4.8 miles away and necessitates crossing the A370 at the offset double junction at Congresbury traffic lights.

  • Existing and housing estates under construction have ripped out our carbon-absorbing hedgerows which provided habitats for our wildlife.  In doing so they are ripping out the character of our villages.

  • Climate Change - North Somerset Council leader, Don Davies pledged to put Climate Change Emergency at the heart of every council decision.

  • Churchill/Mendip Spring remote Strategic Development Location along with other similar remote locations was one of the reasons why the Independent Inspectors at public examination of the West of England Joint Spatial Plan found it to be unsound. They had not been compared with reasonable alternatives.  There are alternative sites closer to the employment in Bristol.

  • Village life is a cultural choice.  It is very different to town life.  This application represents further discrimination of those whose culture choice is village life.

  • This application must be called in to Full Council if officers are minded to approve.


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Mendip Hills AONB 

25 more houses here
This rural scene forms an important part of the character of our rural villages. 
It will be lost for ever

This is Greed not Need