NEWS December 2019

Update: WofE Joint Spatial Plan (JSP) 


  1. Following the Public Examination of JSP in July 2019, in a damning report  the Inspectors rejected the plan as unsound and cancelled the rest of the examination.

  2. There has not yet been an official response from the councils but word is that the North Somerset Council will vote to declare the JSP as "dead" but appear to be carrying on regardless with the same JSP plans but in their Local Plan instead, i.e. nothing will appear to have changed therefore the 2,800 houses of Churchill/Mendip Spring 'Garden Village' could still be built here.  Three times the Inspectors asked the Local Authorities to review their choice of remote Strategic Development Locations (SDLs) and compare them with 'reasonable alternatives'. They were ignored.  There are a number of reasonable alternatives. 
    CALRAG is seeking advice as to next steps.

URGENT - New threat to our villages
Deadline for comments: 17th December - still no decision by North Somerset Planners.  08 August 2020.

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New application for further 48-house estate in Churchill by the Crown pub. Planning application 19/P/2713/FUL 

  1. This is a speculative, unplanned housing estate of 48 houses which would bring the total of new houses in Churchill to 378, an unacceptable 44.5% increase in this rural village. 

  2. The site is adjacent to the Mendip Hills AONB and outside of Churchill's settlement boundary. Access will be onto the dangerous and highly congested Dinghurst Road.

  3. The site is not on North Somerset's Site Allocations Plan, and it is not compliant with policy CS32 of the Core Strategy and many other government planning policies.

  4. Houses are needed to support Bristol's rapid growth in employment. There is limited housing need here as there is limited skilled employment in our rural villages. Houses should be built close to jobs in Bristol.

  5. There is no viable public transport to Bristol for commuters. Yatton rail station is 4.8 miles away across the highly congested A370, offset double junction at Congresbury traffic lights. Huge increase in commuting by car.

  6. It will have an unacceptable and  harmful impact on the rural character and landscape setting of the village.  The site contravenes North Somerset Council's Landscape Character Assessment 2018 for this area: "Conserve the remote and rural nature of the pastoral landscape".

  7. It contravenes the Countryside and Rights of Way Act (CROW 2000) which protects views FROM the Mendip Hills AONB.

  8. There are no improvements to infrastructure in the plans - schools (at capacity), doctors' surgery, roads, local lanes (at capacity) etc.

  9. Climate Change - North Somerset Council leader, Don Davies pledged to put Climate Change Emergency at the heart of every council decision.

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Banwell Bypass - funding granted

We are waiting to see the full terms and conditions but the bypass could be dependent upon building the 5,000 houses at Banwell and Churchill - both prospective sites were thrown out by the JSP Inspectors.

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Bristol Airport Expansion

Your comments are urgently needed.

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