Why we need your donations
For complete transparency we have formed a Not-for-Profit limited company for fundraising - Churchill Villages Development Ltd.
Leading London legal planning team appointed: CALRAG is working with this team on the JSP and Local Plan process.
  • Planning Barrister fees to represent Churchill and Langford residents at the Public Examination. 

  • To date we have raised nearly £6,000.  We must raise £10,000 more. 

  • All donations will be greatly appreciated, however large or small.   

  • Greatest EVER threat to our villages.  It is emphatically NOT a ‘done deal’.  

  • Only ONE CHANCE to save our villages and countryside for future generations.

  • There is a sustainable alternative close to jobs and public transport near Bristol. 


How to make your donation

Whatever you can give will help - we will be extremely grateful:

You can donate through:
- BACS to 20-68-15  Account No. 33772276 
- Cheques to our not-for-profit company, ‘Churchill Villages Development Ltd’ and send to
Terry Wilson, Pury End, 66 Broadoak Road, BS40 5HB   

Please donate, however large or small, all donations are truly appreciated.