Flooding in Churchill and Langford

A 38  flooded again

The first video below was taken 04 October 2020 after significant rainfall. 

At first it was thought that it could be a burst water main as the flow was so great coming from the building site.  North Somerset Council has acknowledged that the flood was a direct result of rainwater and debris coming down from the Mendip Hills AONB.  

Before the new housing estates went up on the fields adjacent to the A38, the water was absorbed by the fields, acting as natural soak-aways.  Churchill Parish Council and CALRAG warned North Somerset Council that this would be the result if they allowed such fields to be concreted over.  Both were ignored.

Incredible to know that YET MORE planning applications are in the pipeline.  

North Somerset Council carried out extensive remedial action to prevent further flooding of the main road and houses along it.  It is a danger to pedestrians as well.

More flooding 29 January 2021 

Only 3 months later, the water table is now higher and only moderate rainfall, mainly drizzle interspersed with heavier showers, over the past few days has caused further flooding.  The video below (taken in the same place at a similar time of day to the one above) and images below were taken on Friday 29 January.


A38 flooding 29 January 2021.jpg

More fields are being surveyed for yet MORE housing estates

It seems incredulous that yet more of our green fields which soak up the excess water from the Mendip Hills AONB are currently being undertaken for yet more inappropriate developments.

Taken in early evening 29 january 2021