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Yet more houses - NOW 36  - Hilliers Lane Churchill 
  Between Conservation Area (part of the site) and within 100mtrs of AONB
Full details 

25 houses on Dinghurst Road (below Crown Pub)
Disgraceful decision by North Somerset P & R Committee.  Full details


62 houses on FRONT STREET/CHURCH LANE Churchill
Currently awaiting Planning Inquiry decision
12 houses on Blagdon Water Gardens site Upper Langford
Approved but as yet unbuilt

83 houses on Bath Road, Upper Langford
Full details 

TOTAL 218 possible unplanned houses


196 more houses in New Draft Local Plan 

104 more houses Mushroom Farm

Total =
518 Add on the 300+ new homes already built = 93% increase in the size of our village

Far from employment and sustainable public transport 

Good development is development in the right place  
We are a large team of residents dedicated to ensuring that Churchill retains its distinct rural village character.

Good development is development in the right place.

During the past 2 years, Churchill has accepted or is accepting over 300 new homes, so no one can call us NIMBY!  Residents have witnessed the current devastation of our villages so close to the Mendip Hills AONB.  Hedgerows have been ripped out with impunity.   Where is the promised infrastructure to create 'sustainable thriving communities'?
We are all seeing the damage that this is doing to the culture of rural village life. The figures of plannign applications for our village that are in the pipeline (listed below) make staggering reading.

If the 300 already built are added to the total it represents 93% increase in the size of our village.  According to N Somerset policies for Service Villages (ours is one of the smallest) only 'small scale development' is allowed.  

We keep in touch with residents.  They are telling us very clearly that enough is enough.  


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New dormitory town HERE  is not on the new
North Somerset Draft Local Plan BUT  speculative developers are still trying.
It doesn't make any sense to build so far from a train station and
16 miles from employment in Bristol. 


Click here for a proposed sustainable alternative to building massive new housing estates in our rural villages.  
 The North Somerset Councillors, Housing Minister and MPs must hear your views.  Click here for contact details.
'Good development is development in the right place'