Public Examination latest

The final letter from Inspectors Malcolm Rivett and Steven Lee published on 11 Sept 2019 following the Public Examination of the West of England Joint Spatial Plan states that the plan is



CALRAG, working with Churchill Parish Council (CPC), welcomes the Inspectors' findings in their 11 September 2019 letter, that the JSP is unsound and sets out the details as to why they recommend that it is withdrawn and that modifications would not be sufficient to make it sound.  


The Inspectors expressed concern at the lack of "evidence to demonstrate that the Strategic Development Locations, [e.g. Churchill and Banwell] and thus the overall spatial strategy, have been selected for inclusion in the plan, against reasonable alternatives, on a robust, consistent and objective basis" .


We attended all of the 8 days of Public Examination (PE).  CALRAG and CPC  were represented by specialist London Planning barristers on two of those days.  


At the Public Examination, planners, developers, local groups, parish councils and representatives from professional organisations such as Business West (Chamber of Commerce), Stagecoach (Bus company), CPRE, Avon Wildlife Trust presented their views.  The overwhelming majority of these concurred with CALRAG and CPC.  

We recommend reading this detailed Inspectors' letter .  Again it is well expressed and user-friendly.  


We cannot, must not and will not relax.  We are expecting the official response from the Local Authorities in WECA and North Somerset Council within the week to 10 days.  We will digest their response and take advice before deciding our next steps.  In the meantime we have sent an email to every North Somerset Councillor calling on them to remove Churchill and Banwell Strategic Development Locations from any of their future plans and again inviting them to meet with us.  Click here to read the letter.   


Golden opportunity for North Somerset

The new North Somerset has been given a golden opportunity to insist that their election promises made in May 2019 are put into action and that Climate Change Emergency is factored into every planning decision.  


Leader of NS Council, Cllr Don Davies’s remarked on Bristol Live, “It’s incumbent upon us to oppose unnecessary travel” and committed to “factor the climate emergency into every decision the council makes”.  

The Liberal Democrat manifesto in May stated. "...we will oppose schemes that fail to protect existing communities from unnecessary, poorly-serviced or unpopular development".  


Rest Assured

CALRAG is closely monitoring the next steps.  We will continue to do all that we can to ensure that development is

Good development which is development in the right place.