New Traffic Survey

The North Somerset Villages Alliance (NSVA) is conducting a very simple survey of traffic hotspots between Churchill/Congresbury and Bristol to ensure that any/ALL future development of our area is appropriate, viable and sustainable and not simply adding to existing traffic and pollution problems. 

The survey is very simple and asks you to record a few timings on a pre-printed form at hotspots on the A38 and A370.  These are:

  1. Downside Road junction with A38 just north of the Airport

  2. Congresbury - the combination of the lights where High St joins the A370 and the lights at Smallway

  3. Backwell crossroads on the A370.

These are all traffic-light junctions which would be nearly impossible to improve to increase capacity for the large increases in vehicle numbers that developments such as the proposed Mendip Spring Garden Village would generate (were the Independent Inspectors at Public Examination in May 2019 to pass it).

What we need: 

During your journeys into and out of Bristol, or indeed more local trips - whether daily or occasional - please record when safe and legal to do so, traffic queues you see that are caused by these specific traffic lights.  Special forms have been designed to make this a quick and simple task.

What is a queue?

We are defining a queue as a continuous stream of traffic which is part stationary or travelling at less than 15mph.