• Two major new roads from the new M5 motorway junction (21a)* at Banwell. One possible dual carriageway and the other link proposed to come out at Churchill traffic lights.  

  • The new major road coming out at Churchill traffic lights will have to cut around Windmill Hill and through our football and cricket pitches (contrary to North Somerset's own policies).

  • A roundabout at Churchill traffic lights would be needed to accommodate the existing main roads and smaller roads of Ladymead Lane and Jews Lane.  

  • The diameter of the roundabout is estimated by an expert to be approx 100 metres.  Larger than a football pitch and big enough to build approx 25 houses!

  • The possible dual carriageway as outlined in the document submitted to the West of England Joint Spatial Plan will run through the 2.3 mile linear development of 2,800 houses  - see map on images page.    

  • Pollution and noise from lorries and cars from these major new roads. 

  • Diggers and lorries to access the developments are too large for our country lanes. The new roads must be built first.

  • The costs will be phenomenal for all the road projects (Junct 21a, Banwell-Sandford-Churchill bypass plus A38 improvements north towards Bristol Airport) is estimated to be between £450m and £600million at 2015/16 prices.  The previous  Executive of North Somerset Council proposed to build only a small part, bypassing Banwell alone.  This entails building the 1,900 houses that are an integral part of the deal.  This needs urgent close scrutiny.

Banwell bypass in isolation.

Wouldn't we all like a bypass for Banwell?   BUT it isn't that simple  

There are huge problems some of which probably explains why a Banwell  bypass has not yet been built!

  • To have a bypass, Banwell must accept 1,900 houses in addition to those already going up.

  • Just over half of the traffic flowing through Banwell goes up Castle Hill towards Winscombe.  With the increase in vehicle movements from 1,900 houses, this traffic will only increase. This traffic will not be removed by a bypass.

  • The small stretch of road proposed for inclusion or not (depending upon which plan you look at) adjacent to Dark Lane, Banwell cannot be built because it lies in a Groundwater  Source Protection Zone.

  • A Banwell bypass will open the floodgates for HGVs to join the A368 between Banwell and Sandford.  Why? Because currently, the A368 is weight-limited beyond Churchill traffic lights (where it ceases to be Primary Route). This deters HGVs from taking a short-cut through Banwell eastwards on to Sandford, Churchill, Burrington, Blagdon and beyond.

  • Are we prepared for the children attending Sandford School and those walking from Sandford to Churchill Academy to breath in the Carbon particulates and Nitrogen Oxides that will massively increase as a direct result?  

  • There are numerous pinch points on the A368 where two lorries cannot pass each other.

  • It is already very dangerous to walk along the Dinghurst Road - no possible footpath.  

  • The heavily-trafficked, offset double T-junction of the A370 and B3133 in Congresbury is complex and poses a severe queuing problem very similar to that in Banwell.  Neither can be easily solved. 

  • There is an alternative solution.  Hard decisions have to be made to help those in Banwell; de-prime the A368 - we can enlarge on this - too much to write here.

  • The next stretch - the Sandford and Churchill bypass - is extremely unlikely to be viable, affordable or deliverable and would have a huge impact on the environment.  

  • You cannot solve one problem only to create an even bigger one elsewhere.

CALRAG's research revealed flaws in assumptions to justify Junction 21a. Highways England and John Penrose MP agree and these have been submitted to the JSP.


Good development is development in the right place - There is already a sustainable alternative:  Click here for Suggested solutions