Update June 2019

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Land  Adjacent To Ancarva House Ladymead Lane Langford Bristol North Somerset BS40 5EF. 9 houses in a development.

Update -

This application was 'called in by Liz Wells'.  Local Residents in Ladymead Lane spoke to North Somerset Councillors when it came before the Somerset Councillors Planning and Regulatory Committee.  They listened and agreed with residents and voted to turn it down but it has now gone to appeal.  

  • This site lies at the foot of Windmill Hill - a site of archeological interest with woodland close by. 

  • It was owned by North Somerset Council until sold with an 'uplift' agreement on it.  Scrutiny by an independent body must be carried out.  

  • Ladymead Lane is a single track road with no pavements which is significant as the lane links Churchill Preschool with Churchill Primary School.  With the increase in traffic on Ladymead Lane, it would be become increasingly dangerous for children walking to schools. 

  • It is outside the village boundary. 

  • The land is prone to flooding as you will see in the video below where it drains off into Ladymead Lane.  

  • The density of the housing renders it to be a separate development which will change the character of the village and the views from Windmill Hill - an amenity that is accessible to and enjoyed by all.  

  • The site lies adjacent to the Mendip Hills AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty which, under the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) affords the highest possible protection of any land anywhere, not only within the AONB but surrounding it. 

  • Windmill Hill affords the 'Green Space' for Langford.  The only other 'Green Space' is ear-marked for development if the JSP is adopted.

  • There is a very serious sewage disposal issue as sewage from this site will discharge into the Langford Pumping Station at Blackmoor.  This has been insufficient for the past 20 years with at least one resident having to lift the manhole cover outside his house when the Langford Brook level is raised to send raw sewage into places where people with children walk.  Failure to do so and it backs up into his house.  This needs to be sorted before any further housing is granted.

  • The A2 bus service is being withdrawn so virtually no public transport.

  • Extra cars will be needed adding further to the transport issues in Ladymead Lane

  • The Inspectorate in its report November 2016 noted that there needs to be 1.5 jobs per new house.  Where are these jobs in these villages?

  • Affordable housing - due to being a small development there is no obligation to provide any affordable housing.

Good development is development in the right place

This is not a river, it is Ladymead Lane, Langford.  The waterfall that you see is coming from the site where an application has been submitted for an extra 9 houses at the foot of Windmill Hill.

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Next application but equally important.........

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Land Adjacent To Oakhill Front Street Churchill North Somerset

BS25 5NB.  

Update October 2018.  

This application was REFUSED by North Somerset Council BUT we understand that a new application has been/will be submitted.  Therefore we are leaving our comments and await to update further.

Application is for:

6 dwellings and the formation of new vehicular and pedestrian access with access to be determined and with, layout, scale, appearance and landscaping for subsequent approval. 

  • This application flies in the face of just about every policy pertaining to the environment in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)

  • The application is for a development - not a single dwelling - of 6 houses at the bottom of Windmill Hill - a sight of archeological significance as an iron-age fort and which will alter the whole character of this older part of Churchill village.  

  • This application was originally for 8 houses and was turned down by Churchill Parish Council, North Somerset Council and on appeal, by the Inspector as it would change the character of this part of Churchill.  

  • This new application is for only 2 fewer houses and mentions some landscaping which is intended to mitigate against the Inspector's initial reason for refusing it.

  • The application will destroy the peace and tranquility which so many people from all over the area enjoy.  It is a place for quiet recreation.  

  • The application is the thin end of the wedge as it will open the floodgates for further applications in the future.  

  • Affordable housing - due to being a small development there is no obligation to provide any affordable housing.

  • Again, Windmill Hill is an area adjacent to the Mendip Hills AONB.  The NPPF affords AONBs AND their surrounding areas, the highest protection from development as they are some of the UK's most cherished and outstanding landscapes.

  • "The Countryside and Rights of Way (CRoW) Act 2000 confirmed the significance of AONBs and Section 85 places a statutory duty on all relevant authorities to have regard to the purpose of conserving and enhancing natural beauty when discharging any function in relation to, or affecting land within an AONB.  Potential development proposals outside of the boundaries of AONB's that may have an impact within the designated area are also cover4ed by the 'duty to regard' Mendip Hills AONB Partnership.

  • The Mendip Hills AONB Partnership produced the Mendip Hills AONB Management Plan 2014-2019 (click on the link) as required by the CRoW Act on behalf of the joint local authorities and the Plan has been adopted by North Somerset Council.  1.4 sets out a Statement of Significance on the special qualities of the Mendip Hills AONB that create the Mendip Hills sense of place and identity and these include views from the Mendip Hills AONB......

  • Natural England's National Character Area (NCA) profile for the Mendip Hills (141) notes that the area is 'renowned for its tranquility and inspirational qualities..."  Light pollution was further mentioned as, "..threatens the extent of the recognised dark skies and that out-of-character development is a continuing risk to the essential nature of the area".  It furthermore sets out in the Statement of Environmental Opportunity under SEO1 to 'Safeguard inward and outward views to and to the distinctive hill line and conserve and enhance the special qualities, tranquility, sense of remoteness and naturalness of the area'.  

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CALRAG stresses that we recognise that development is needed but it has to be appropriate, preserve the environment for so many people to come and enjoy and thus must be in the right place.  We have got a significant number of new developments and some very good new single dwellings which are in keeping with the character of the village.  

"Good development is development in the right place" 

Again, we are leaving this page in for reference.

Deadline to make your views known to the Independent Inspector - January 10th.


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Good development is development in the right place